Organization Chart

2015 Org Chart

The three-member Board of Public Works ca​rries out its daily operations through two programs: the Board Office and the Wetlands Administration. The Board's Executive Secretary directs both programs.

The Board Office schedules meetings; compiles the Agenda and related materials; maintains Board minutes and records; reviews procurements; investigates complaints of fraud or abuse; and instructs agencies on best procurement practices. The Office's mission is to provide administrative support to the Board of Public Works to ensure the Board actions are efficiently and wisely taken, and are accessible to the citizens of Maryland, and the Board policies are effectively communicated to and implemented by State agencies.

The Wetlands Administration processes tidal wetlands license applications by holding hearings and preparing recommendations, issues tidal wetlands licenses after Board approval; and coordinates with other agencies, landowners, and the public. The Wetlands Administration seeks to preserve and manage the State's tidal wetlands for the benefit of citizens, by balancing the various ecological, economical, developmental, recreational, and aesthetic values of tidal wetlands activities.

Organization Chart​​​​​​​​​